Our Kalamazoo Team

Our Faculty

Dr. Stephanie Ellwood  Stephanie Ellwood, DO
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Lisa Graves

  Lisa Graves, MD



Dr. Christopher Haymaker  Christopher Haymaker, PhD
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Susan Jevert-Eichorn  Susan Jevert-Eichorn, DO
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Andrew Luciano  Andrew Luciano, MD
  Assistant Professor

Dr. William Nettleton  William Nettleton, MD, MPH
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Lauren Piper  Lauren Piper, DO
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Steven Pollens

  Steven Pollens, MD
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Kristi VanDerKolk  Kristi VanDerKolk, MD
  Assistant Professor



Dr. Peter ZIemkowski

  Peter Ziemkowski, MD
  Associate Professor

Our Program Coordinator

Sarah Thompson  Sarah Thompson
  "I love working with the Family Medicine Residency because I have an opportunity 
  to be a small part of the education and growth of physicians that are making
  changes in our community and our world."

Our Administrative Assistant

Megan Rhodes  Megan Rhodes
  "I love learning the unique stories, passions and goals of each member of the WMed
  Family Medicine Residency in Kalamazoo. We support, encourage, and care for each
  member of our work family."