Thank you for your interest in giving to WMed and learning more about the opportunities that the medical school provides to southwestern Michigan. We hope you are inspired to imagine what can become a possibility by making a gift.

Together, we accomplish great things on our journey to excellence! Together, we give!

As a private medical school, your contribution is key to our long-term financial sustainability. Giving to WMed makes you part of a leading group dedicated to the economic betterment of our community while solving one of the most pressing social issues of our generation – a looming physician shortage. It’s hard to think of a more meaningful legacy than being part of the solution to a local and a national problem that, if left unaddressed, could leave our communities without the care all of us need to live productive, meaningful lives. 

Every gift matters. Donors at every level make an impact on WMed.

WMed's current priority needs are The WMed Fund, The Dean's Circle Leadership Giving Society, The WMed COVID-19 Response Fund, and The WMed Parent and Family Fund.

2019-20 Philanthropy Impact Report

We are very pleased to share with you the progress that has been made due to the generosity of our philanthropic partners. The 2019-20 Philanthropy Impact Report shows tangible evidence of gifts put to good use and returning value to our community and the educational community at-large.