Psychiatry Residency Program

Dr. Madhavi Nagalla
Madhavi Nagalla, MD
Program Director

Message from the Program Director

At WMed, our Psychiatry Residency Program is dedicated to developing excellent clinical psychiatrists who are practice-ready, well-rounded, and provide patient-centered care that is thoughtful, empathic, and informed by a balanced bio-psychosocial perspective.

Together, we have created a training experience for residents and students that is both rigorous, yet supportive and friendly. We boast faculty members who are accessible to residents, love to teach and foster an environment that is nurturing and enriching.

Each year, we welcome six new residents to our program. The class size for our four-year curriculum provides for an ideal training environment that is stimulating and yet small enough to provide a fairly intimate and personalized learning experience.

With a bio-psycho-social orientation, we emphasize knowledge of the neurosciences, and our medical students are eager learners who afford our residents opportunities to teach in both the pre-clinical and clinical years. Our residents are also expected to participate as active citizens by serving on various department, WMed, and hospital committees. 

We are indebted to the many valuable contributions our residents have made to improve our program. We believe it is important for our trainees to have a fundamental understanding of medical literature and basic research principles. We provide related didactics and require our residents to participate in scholarly activities. Many of our residents have done regional and national presentations or have been published. 

Another unique aspect of our fully accredited, four-year program is that nearly all core clinical rotations are staffed by WMed-employed psychiatrists whose mission it is to teach.

Why WMed?

  1. A great faculty: Our overriding goal is to educate and train physicians to be excellent clinical psychiatrists. To that end, we choose top-notch faculty who have a strong interest in teaching. We also structure service sizes so that our faculty have time to teach. You will find faculty to be readily accessible.
  2. Happy residents: Our residents are friendly, satisfied, and supportive of each other. Many applicants have said that our residents were the best resident group they encountered during their interviews.
  3. Plenty of patients: Southwest Michigan has a population of 1 million, and our program is the primary service center in the region. You will gain much experience with the more common mental health disorders and have exposure to some of the more unusual and difficult-to-treat problems.
  4. Excellent training facilities: Our clinical facilities rival those of much larger cities.
    • Borgess Medical Center has 50 mental health beds with adult, geriatric and adolescent units, and an additional 10-bed adolescent, partial hospitalization program.
    • The Department of Psychiatry’s outpatient clinic uses a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system and has an advanced audio-visual system for faculty to remotely supervise resident sessions.
    • Our community mental health center, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services, provides our residents with exposure to patients who are chronically and persistently ill.
  5. A rich didactic program: We have a very strong didactic program and protected time for you to attend your educational sessions. These sessions serve to build an excellent knowledge base and a foundation for the in-training and written board exams. We also have designated exam prep sessions which span 10 months of the year.
  6. We’re serious about psychotherapy training: We are strongly committed to providing you with excellent training in psychotherapy, with the primary modalities being supportive, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  7. Little travel required: Be sure to examine the travel requirements of other programs. The majority of your clinical experiences in our program are on the Borgess Medical Center campus and most other required experiences are within a 10-minute drive. Traffic is light and parking spaces are easy to find.
  8. We are a smaller program: Our smaller program size affords us the opportunity to provide you with personalized attention in a learning environment that is both challenging and friendly.
  9. We care about your well-being: Although you will have a rigorous learning experience here, we have taken steps to keep your stress manageable to ensure that you have time for a personal life.
  10. Kalamazoo is a great place to live, work and learn: With the medical school, several universities and colleges, as well as top local employers involved in the lie sciences, the community is very academically oriented. For its relatively small size, it affords much to do in terms of cultural and recreational activities. The cost of living is very affordable and some of our residents have been able to purchase homes during their training. If you’re looking for a big-city experience, we are located midway between Chicago and Detroit – each a two-and-a half-hour drive away. And if you wish to remain in the area after graduation, as a number of our graduates have, there will likely be jobs available.