MIDOCs at WMed

WMed participates in MIDOCs, an exciting new program in the state of Michigan. MI Docs is a state-funded program set up to finance expanded residency positions in select specialties within the state and is for residents who have a passion to spend their careers working with underserved and vulnerable populations. Acceptance of a MIDOCs residency slot includes a two-year commitment to practice in a rural or urban underserved area in Michigan post-residency. Additionally, residents may also receive up to $75,000 for repayment of qualifying educational loans.

MIDOCs residencies also feature a variety of enhanced curricular elements in areas such as ambulatory care, quality improvement, interprofessional collaboration, and care of the underserved.

WMed currently has MIDOCs residents in our Internal MedicineFamily Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics and Psychiatry residencies. 

If you are interested, please contact your program to determine if they participate in this exciting program. You can also learn more on the MIDOCs website. We encourage you to read the Addendum to Residency Agreement, which is a document that requires your signature in order to participate. The information found on the MIDOCS FAQ webpage may prove helpful in answering your questions.