Grant Support

Sponsored Awards 

A sponsored award is funding from an external agency such as a private foundation, corporation, or governmental agency for an activity with a defined scope and purpose undertaken by WMed with the expectation of a defined deliverable or being provided in return. WMed encourages extramural support of research and other scholarly activities that contribute to its overall mission.

Sponsored awards may be in the from of a grant, subaward contract, or a formal or informal agreement. The external funding agency is a “sponsor” and the award itself is referred to as the "sponsored award." The activity supported by a sponsored award is a “sponsored program.”

Each sponsored award at WMed has a designated Principal Investigator responsible for the overall conduct of the sponsored program.

Sponsored Program Administration 

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) seeks to support faculty and staff throughout the lifecycle of a sponsored award including all pre-award and post-award aspects.

Pre-Award Phase

Post-Award Phase

SPA seeks to advance extramural support for the institution by providing administrative and informational assistance to faculty and staff, while ensuring compliance. The acceptance of external funding, whether restricted or unrestricted, imposes certain obligations on WMed with regard to use, management, and accountability of those funds.  Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) is WMed’s liaison with external funding agencies regarding financial and contractual obligations for all sponsored programs.