Why Choose WMED?

Why choose emergency medicine residency at WMed? Well, the reasons abound. But don’t take it from us. Below, hear from our residents and take a look at their their top 10 reasons why they chose this residency and why they chose WMed. As you will see, it is no surprise why they say they would choose our residency all over again.

Our Residents' Take

  • Baturay Aydemir, MD
    Dr. Baturay Aydemir
    Baturay Aydemir, MD
    Baturay Aydemir, MD

    “I chose to train here because of the commitment to ensure that the residents are given early independence in their clinical decisions and procedural skills. As I am going through my training, I find this commitment invaluable in my development as an emergency physician.” - Baturay Aydemir, MD, Class of 2024

  • Alexandra Dinello, MD
    Dr. Alexandra Dinello
    Alexandra Dinello, MD

    “I chose WMed for my residency training because I was lucky to rotate here as a visiting medical student and recognized it was a great program. The faculty are all very supportive of our education and the residents are supportive of each other. As a larger residency full of friendly people, it is easy to find "your people" here. I enjoy the abundance of pre-hospital opportunities available to us (MSU-1, WMAC, Yellowstone elective) which are invaluable as a physician in training, even if you are not particularly interested in pursuing EMS fellowship. Being able to spend our time split between two very different hospital systems allows you to take the best learning experiences from each as well as figure out what kind of environment you are looking to practice in after residency. Plus, Kalamazoo is a fine place to live with plenty of outdoor shenanigans to partake in.” - Alexandra Dinello, MD, Class of 2022

Top 10 Things about Kalamazoo

  • Big city with a small-town feel
    Many people don’t notice that the Kalamazoo metro area boasts more than 325,000 people. This makes for busy and diverse training in emergency medicine, yet with scenic, short commute times to and from work.
  • Low cost of living
    Housing is very affordable in Kalamazoo with close to half of our residents choosing to buy a home. Those that opt out of buying often live in lofts downtown or rent a place nearby.
  • Our emergency medicine residency
    As you will see, we like to work hard and play hard, and living in Kalamazoo makes this all possible.
  • We have all four seasons
    Whether you like kayaking on the river under the warm sun and docking at Arcadia Ales for a refreshing beverage, skiing at Bittersweet Ski Area or Boyne Mountain, or going for a jog on the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail through the beautiful foliage of the Michigan autumn, there is something for every season.
  • Lake Michigan
    A category of its own. Just a short, 45-minute drive and your toes are in the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. Swimming, sailing, fishing. South Haven, Grand Haven, or St. Joseph. Just take your pick.
  • Western Michigan University
    WMU is a Division I school with an enrollment of more than 20,000 students. This provides ample opportunity for events, including sporting events and theatre.
  • Family friendly
    Whether it’s the Kalamazoo Promise, the high-ranking schools, the attractions for children at the free Kalamazoo Valley Museum, or the Air Zoo, there is plenty here for children to have fun and succeed.
  • Diverse restaurant scene
    Have a donut for breakfast at Sweetwater’s Donut Mill, the best donut shop in Michigan, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. Follow this up with lunch at HopCat and enjoy tilapia tacos and one of America’s 10 best french fries, according to Food Network Magazine. Finish off your day with local middle eastern cuisine at Zooroona, one of the many Kalamazoo restaurants serving international cuisine.
  • Location
    Kalamazoo is halfway between places like Chicago and Detroit. All you need is $30 and two hours on an Amtrak train and you are in downtown Chicago or Detroit. Also, with only a 30-minute drive to Grand Rapids and 3.5 hours to Indianapolis, Kalamazoo is a place to consider when going through The Match process with a significant other in medicine.
  • The brewery scene
    You can’t talk about the Kalamazoo area without talking about breweries. In fact, it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t brew their own beer. Examples include Bell’s Brewery, Inc, the seventh best U.S. craft brewing company, according to the Brewers Association (with Two Hearted Ale listed as the best beer in America by Zymurgy magazine), Arcadia Ales, and One Well Brewing.

Top 10 Things about Emergency Medicine at WMed

  • Huge volume
    With more than 160,000 ED patients per year, there is always an opportunity to see more patients.
  • Two unique hospitals
    Two different triage systems. One with Epic and one with Cerner. We thrive by change and master the skill of adaptability.
  • Amazing EM faculty
    Our mentors are a diverse group of emergency physicians who strive to teach us. They lecture at our conferences, guide us in research opportunities, and attend our social events. During an ED shift, faculty to resident ratios are 1:1 or 1:2, meaning they get to know you well and move you forward in your training.
  • Residency program size
    The large size creates easy opportunities for switching shifts with another resident so that you can take that desired trip or take a needed break. Also, with this size, enough colleagues are off when you are off so that events are well attended.
  • Heavy ICU training early in residency
    As a PGY-1 with 4 months of critical care, you learn to manage sick patients at an accelerated pace. You are making the medical decisions. You are doing the procedures. To top it off, your ICU seniors are EM residents. This means ultimate advocacy for intern autonomy and further education geared toward emergency medicine.
  • MedMates
    Organized and operated by the significant others of WMed residents. Poker night, raspberry or peach picking, beach day, wellness club, ladies’ night out, or a local baseball or hockey game are just some of the examples of events that are funded by the institution. Whether you are single, married or with children, this organization meets your social needs.
  • Simulation
    Our 25,000 square-foot facility, the largest in Southwest Michigan, includes a 13-bed virtual hospital to learn and practice all of your emergency medicine skills. It is home to a Simulation Fellowship with outstanding EM faculty and support staff to expose you to various scenarios throughout your emergency medicine training.
  • EMS
    Second- and third-year residents have their own resident response vehicle, MSU-1, to respond to scenes in Kalamazoo County. Only one resident is on at a time, so you don’t just show up — you are Medical Control. You run the cardiac arrest and you do the procedures. The vehicle is stocked with standard equipment and medications, as well as unique tools, including but not limited to, a cricothyroidotomy kit and a Glidescope. We also have the opportunity to serve as a flight physician with West Michigan AirCare, also responding to scenes and transferring patients to our hospitals.
  • Trauma
    The main interstate connecting Chicago to Detroit runs through Kalamazoo. We aren’t waiting to run traumas, as our PGY-1s have two months of trauma ICU. During these months, PGY-1s are running the traumas coming to the facility and are performing the procedures from the neck down. Meanwhile, every airway is managed by the ED resident caring for that patient, which may be a first-, second-, or third-year resident.
  • Ask your co-residents a question
    Your colleagues. Your compadres. We know each other by first name. As you can see, we get our hands dirty right away with tons of experience and adequate time to hone our emergency medicine skills. Meanwhile, this residency makes wellness a priority so that you have the time and opportunity to take care of others as well as yourself.

    Do you have a question you would like to ask one of our current residents? Send an e-mail to us at emergmed@med.wmich.edu.