Why Choose WMED?

What makes the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program at WMed a good choice for you? Let our residents tell you what they think is special about our program and Kalamazoo. We have been called a “hidden gem". Find out why!

Class of 2022

Dr. Jeff Gilbertson
Jeff Gilbertson, MD
Dr. Kelly Harms
Kelly Jenkins, MD
Dr. Chris Traynor
Chris Traynor, MD

Class of 2023

Dr. Sarah Black
Sarah Black, MD
Dr. Mossub Qatu
Mossub Qatu, MD
Dr. Gus Zervoudakis
Gus Zervoudakis, MD

Class of 2024

Dr. George Borrelli
George Borrelli, MD
Dr. Brandon Stradel
Brandon Stradel, MD
Dr. Matthew Sweet
Matt Sweet, MD

Class of 2025

Dr. Jordan Boivin
Jordan Boivin, MD
Dr. Michael Rahl
Mike Rahl, MD
Dr. Kelsey Sheets
Kelsey Sheets, MD

Class of 2026

Dr. Ayooluwa Ayoola
Ayooluwa Ayoola, MD
Dr. Shaan Manawar
Shaan Manawar, MD
Dr. Sumit Patel
Sumit Patel, MD