Resident Curricula in Medical Ethics, Humanities, and Law

At WMed, we are committed to training highly competent physicians whose future practice will be rooted in a humanistic understanding of the profession of medicine. 

The Department of Medical Ethics, Humanities, and Law coordinates teaching in the areas of medical ethics, medical humanities, and medical jurisprudence for all of WMed’s Residency Training Programs.  Each residency program receives a unique curriculum tailored to the challenges inherent to each specialty.  Moreover, all curricula are specifically designed to ensure the relevant ACGME milestones are addressed.

Additionally, residents are encouraged to consider additional elective time in medical ethics, medical humanities, and health law, supervised by Department faculty either by doing a rotation with in the clinical ethics consultation service or in guided research.  Residents with a special interest in clinical ethics are encouraged to apply for the specialty track in clinical ethics which prepares residents to serve the needs of hospital ethics committees and provide clinical ethics consultation in their future clinical roles. For further information, please see the Resident Training in Medical Ethics webpage.