Diversity and Inclusiveness, Health Equity and Community Affairs

At WMed, we recognize and encourage the continuous expression, development, and representation of the uniqueness of all individuals. Inclusiveness is defined as valuing diversity and fostering respect for all individuals and points of view without judgment, bias or stereotype. WMed is committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, trusting, open and draws upon the collective strength of the diversity of our students, residents, fellows, faculty, and staff. We are dedicated to a culture that facilitates the increased understanding of – and appreciation for – the diverse backgrounds, inherent worth and dignity of each and every individual. We strive to promote and recognize the strength that comes from individuals working together to achieve worthy goals and the medical school seeks always to remove any barriers that may exist to achieving our culture of inclusiveness.

WMed is committed to fostering a learning environment that:

  • Values diversity and inclusiveness as being integral to the humanistic practice of medicine, an enriched educational environment, discovery and scholarship that addresses the needs of diverse communities, and meaningful community service
  • Welcomes a diverse body of faculty, students and staff from all segments of society to enhance the learning experiences of all learners
  • Celebrates human diversity and cultural pluralism through inclusiveness, acceptance, mutual respect, and empowerment
  • Delivers excellent clinical care with equity
  • Appreciates diversity of experiences, perspectives, ideas, contributions, talents, and goals

Our Team

Mission and Vision

The offices of Diversity and Inclusiveness and Health Equity and Community Affairs aim to develop a more diverse WMed campus. Our goal is to actively eliminate health and educational inequalities that impact our service area. As an institution, we act not only on the side of justice; our vision is to bring support and healing to all people living in Southwest Michigan.