Population Health Research

WMed is committed to population health by bridging medicine and public health. In the context of WMed’s research, we define population health as the health of groups of people which is impacted by their shared experiences, relationships, access to resources, and the delivery of health care. 

At WMed, the implementation of population health research is currently focused in the field of maternal and child health. Our research explores how social, political, and economic factors contribute to health and health inequalities that impact the community. Together with community stakeholders, WMed is leading research and evaluation to improve birth outcomes and the health of women and children within Kalamazoo County. WMed is deeply committed to our work in population health research and its impact in restoring the health of marginalized populations. 

The goals of population health research are to inform strategies, monitor impact, and measure outcomes of services, processes, and programs in Kalamazoo County aimed at reducing infant mortality and improving birth outcomes.

Population Health Research


WMed’s impact within the community ranges from specific interventions to cross-sector quality improvement processes. Below are some highlights of how WMed is making an impact with our population health research.