Our four-year curriculum has been designed to give our residents a string clinical experience in general OB/GYN as well as dedicated time in the subspecialties. Our clinical volume is evenly distributed between obstetrics and gynecology. Our residents rotate at both Ascension Borgess Hospital and Bronson Methodist Hospital, with continuity clinics at the WMed Oakland Drive Campus. Continuity clinics, which are a half-day per week, are scheduled for each resident in every rotation except gynecology oncology and night float. The four-year rotation summary is as follows:


Length Rotation
13 Weeks Labor and Delivery
12 Weeks Benign Gynecology
12 Weeks Borgess OBGYN
4 Weeks Night Float
4 Weeks Emergency Medicine
4 Weeks SICU


Length Rotation
13 Weeks Antepartum
10 Weeks Benign Gynecology
12 Weeks Gynecologic Oncology
13 Weeks Night Float
1 Week Research


Length Rotation
12 Weeks Borgess OBGYN
12 Weeks Benign Gynecology
8 Weeks Urogynecology
9 Weeks Night Float
4 Weeks REI
4 Weeks Elective


Length Rotation
12 Weeks Labor and Delivery
13 Weeks Gynecologic Oncology
9 Weeks Clinic Chief
4 Weeks MFM
4 Weeks REI
4 Weeks Urogynecology
3 Weeks Elective