Prescriptions, Referrals and Authorizations


Always bring a list of or the bottles of any medications, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal supplements, you are taking to your visit. Be sure to ask for prescription refills while you are at WMed Health Psychiatry so you do not run out of medication. If you call later for refills, it may take three business days to get the prescription. We will send your prescriptions to your pharmacy electronically. You can request a prescription refill using your MyChart account. 

If you receive care from a provider outside our practice, please inform us if that provider has prescribed you with new medications. Your doctor or nurse will verify your current medications with you at each visit. You will also receive an updated list of medications at the end of each visit.

Referrals and Authorizations

Our Referrals Department works closely with your psychiatrist to ensure efficient and timely referrals for care. We will assist in scheduling services with other health care providers and will assist your psychiatrist with authorization for services, when required by your insurance. 

Referring Physicians

For providers who want to refer a patient to WMed Health Psychiatry, please complete the Psychiatry Referral Form and fax it to our Referrals Department at 269.337.6376 or call us at 269.337.6373. 

For Bronson providers, we can also accept internal referrals through EPIC.