Match Day Messages from the WMed Alumni Association

Match Day 2021 Group Shot
The MD Class of 2021 celebrated Match Day on March 19, 2021.

The third Friday of March is a national event the medical education community recognizes as Match Day. This special annual event marks the day our graduating medical students learn their residency destinations in this annual rite of passage. The spirit and excitement this day holds for our medical students is incredible — and we want our WMed alumni and friends of the medical school to join the celebration.

WMed alumni, faculty, staff, residents, students and friends can support the next generation of physicians in two ways: Send a congratulatory message to graduating students or make a gift in their honor.

Well-Wishes to the Class of 2021

On Friday, March 19, 2021, the MD Class of 2021 discovered their residency training destinations. WMed students joined medical students nationwide to discover their respective futures, opening e-mails that told them where they would be completing their residencies. 

The Office of Development and Alumni Affairs asked alumni, community members, staff, and students to help personalize the 2021 Match Day celebration by sharing messages of encouragement, and best wishes or stories from our alumni about their early days of residency. Alumni Affairs compiled and emailed the messages to students the week of Match Day. 

Visit the Match Day webpage to learn more about the WMed students’ results. 

Ways to Honor the Class of 2022

The Office of Development and Alumni Affairs will continue the tradition and collect congratulatory messages for the Class of 2022. Submissions will be accepted via an online form through Friday, March 11, 2022.

Alumni, faculty, and friends will have an opportunity to come together on Match Day to show their support for the graduating class in another unconventional year. You can honor the graduating class and make a significant difference in the lives of future students by donating to the WMed Next Decade Fund which will support initiatives like the following: the WMed COVID-19 Response Fund, the WMed Educational Pipeline Program, student medical research opportunities, and the WMed General Scholarship Fund. These gifts will also be used to provide resources for our entering Dean, Dr. Paula Termuhlen, to use in implementing her vision for taking the medical school to the next level in service to the region and in national distinctiveness.

More Ways to Get Involved

It wouldn’t be possible for us to deliver the best events, publication spotlights, and opportunities without strong support from you, our trusted body of alumni, faculty, staff, community leaders, and parents of our students. Whether you participate financially or through active involvement in our alumni and student programs, you help create a learning environment that sets the bar for all other medical universities. 

Visit our Alumni webpage to learn how you can get involved.