Biostatistical Consulting Services

Biostatistical consulting services are offered to provide assistance and collaboration to improve the quality of your research projects and manuscripts.

We provide consulting services and assistance for:

  • Biostatistical analysis and education (including power analysis)
  • Journal Club article critical appraisal
  • Database development, data collection and housing
  • Manuscript and grant planning, preparation and editing

In need of project assistance? Please send your request to our Project Request and Triage Form and we will contact you regarding your project. We look forward to working with you.

The Biostatistics section within the Department of Biomedical Informartics is happy to provide the following services for any project for which a WMed faculty, staff, resident, and/or student is involved:

Service Description
Provide statistical consultation

A meeting to provide guidance around study design, data collection, and planning for statistical analyses.

Perform power analyses/sample size estimation We will provide the sample size required to adequately power your research question. If sample size is already pre-determined or non-adjustable, we can provide an estimate of your power given the sample size available.
Write statistical analysis plan/sample size justification for IRB protocol If protocol is being written, the biostatistics section will gladly write the statistical portions of the protocol. This often includes a statistical analysis plan and sample size justification.
Perform statistical analyses Will perform statistical analyses for any IRB-approved or exempt study.
Assist in the write-up of results (manuscripts/presentations) At the time of reporting, statisticians are available to assist in interpretation of analyses and writing up results for manuscripts and/or presentations.
Generate graphic representations of data The biostatistics section is available to help with the visualization of your data through graphical representation.